Wednesday 17 February 2010

February 2010

Seems ages since I last updated. Our appointment at GOSH went really well on 27th January and they are so pleased with his blood results that he can now stop the immunoglobulin infusions which we are all happy about. He will continue to be monitored by Sheffield and Kings Mill Hospital via blood tests etc.

After a couple of months off the immunoglobulin, Oliver will beging his vaccination regime again. He will start from the beginning like a baby as all his previous vaccinations will have been voided by the chemo and the transplant. This means the hib, polio etc and the MMR. We need to speak to GOSH when we need to start this. They will then test his vaccine response and if he responds normally to the vaccines all is good and we just carry on. If he doesn't he will have to go back on immunoglobulin so fingers crossed.

Oliver started Nursery on the 6th Jan and he loves it. In fact he is ready for full time school really he skips into nursery which is lovely. Another milestone on our journey with Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome.

We have met another family from Newark whos little boy is in GOSH now having his transplant for WAS and we are keeping up to date on his progress bless his heart.

Dave is now working away from home permenantly which is hard but needs must.

Adam is lovely and he is now taking a few solids (well purees!) He is doing very well and I feel we are one step closer to being a 'normal' family -whatever 'normal' is.

Our next appt at GOSH is 27th May when Olivers Annual checks will be done. I will update before then obviously but will sign off for now.


Sumathi said...

Beautiful picture of Oliver and the little one. So glad to hear that he is enjoying nursery school and things are heading back to normal.

Will keep my fingers crossed on the vaccines too!

With Best Wishes,


Ali Murphy said...

Hello Olismum!

I am very happy for you that Oliver is doing well and is enjoying nursery. You have a beautiful family and I look forward to reading about Oliver's progress.

Ali Murphy
Cole Prayer Team