Sunday 25 October 2009

D +170

The days are flying by and Oliver (by the grace of god) continues to do well. He is eating and drinking normally (apart from the usual behaviour issues with eating!) and he is having his Hickman line removed on Wednesday! This is great news as its another step torwards normality - whatever that is - and a big reduction in the likelihood of an infection, in the line anyway. His counts are within the normal range but Lympocytes and neutraphils still a bit low. His White blood cell count was really low too and I went into a panic about graft failure but Great Ormond Street assure us everything is fine.

Adam is doing great although he is a very lazy eater so he wants to feed again within a couple of hours. After having an ill child though he really is a blessing so I accept these little idiosyncrasies and its part of the joy of having another child when we really thought we would not have any more.

We are hoping that Oliver will be able to start nursery in January, it all depends on his counts though. He really is like a caged lion now and is desparate to mix with his peers so we are keeping everything crossed. He still has restrictions on how many people he can be with and what he can eat etc, so we have a way to go yet.

Our friend - Shaun Milburn is running a half marathon today in aid of the Anthony Nolan Trust and has cited Oliver as his inspiration for doing so, we are so grateful and without our friends and family we would not have got through the last year. Please visit his site at and please urge everyone you know to register with the Anthony Nolan Trust, a young man I know of has passed away this week as he never found a match. Lets work together to make this a thing of the past.

Will update again with more news - thanks, thanks and thanks again...xx