Sunday 16 August 2009

D +100

We are now on D +100 since transplant, it only seems like yesterday when we were leaving GOSH! Olivers blood results continue to be good particularly his platelet count which is something we always concentrate on. His Haemoglobin is still slightly low but better than it has been so hopefully that will improve with time.

He continues to have tummy problems but we appear (touch wood) to now be keeping on top of it with giving him regular laxatives to get his bowel to work properly and hes been quite well this week although he still is not eating much and we cannot for the life of us meet 1300ml of fluid a day so he is still on the overnight milk feeds through his NG tube which has taken the pressure off to a certain extent.

We are (well, Dave is - given that Im due to give birth any time) at GOSH next week and have many, many questions to ask - some of which involve taking him off some medication and we can then at least hope for the NG tube to come out when he starts eating a bit more. Also we are not sure about the fluid target and what drugs that depends on so need a few answers on Wednesday.

He will also have another engraftment study done and we hope he remains 100% donor- which all his results indicate his is but its nice to have it confirmed.

His hair has started to grow back although its still very much like peach fluff and he remains very hairy elsewhere -which is down to the cyclosporin. Now he has been weaned off this, the hair should slowly recede unless he has problems with GVHD and not sure if he will then go back on cyclosporin or on steriods.

Oliver has also had a wish granted from the 'make a wish' foundation which we are trying to organise - he will get a full wish day involving a trip out in a limo or something similar and a new toy for the garden in his case a climbing set - something we have not been able to let him have up until now because of his platelet count. This should be a wonderful day and hopefully re-affirm the start of new lives for all of us - most importantly Oliver.

Will sign off for now - will keep updating when relevant -much love to you all.