Friday 25 September 2009

D +140

Oliver has now got his NG tube out!! Accident rather than design, he drank too much juice and wretched it out. So we decided to trial it being out. He is taking his medication by mouth, he is eating and drinking normally now, going to the loo for a pooh about 4 times a day and we are hoping he has turned a corner. GOSH have also said he can have his hickman line out, but our local hospital are hesitating Im on the verge of saying just take the bloody thing out!!!!! He is only having bloods done now every three weeks and I don't see the point in him having his dressing changed and the line flushed every week for nothing, just waiting for him to get an infection in it.

We saw a surgeon at Sheffield yesterday and he does not think Oliver has hirschsprungs disease and he is not going to perform a biopsy at this time. Oliver will have a follow up appointment with the G.I doctor in October.

This is great news are we really are keeping everything crossed that he has turned a corner. Bless him he deserves it. Please join us in hoping and praying that this is the case.

Saturday 19 September 2009

D +134

Now on D +134 and time is passing so fast. Olivers blood results remain stable and he is still 100% donor engrafted which is excellent news. His tummy problems have continued however and he had an MRI scan at Sheffield Childrens hospital to see if that uncovered anything. All it showed is that his colon is quite 'baggy' which can be a sign of another congential problem - hurschprungs disease. This however usually presents in infanthood so we are talking about having a biopsy done to be sure - however GOSH do not want this yet because he is still so early out of transplant. If it is that it will mean a surgical procedure to put it right so looks like we might not have dodged hospitals quite yet.

He is starting to show signs of going to the toilet without laxatives though so I suppose only time will tell. There is definately a physcological barrier there too as he said he does not want to do a pooh as it hurts his tummy.

He is now off cyclosporin, metoclopromide and itraconazole oh, and magnesium so we are slowly getting to a point (if he continues to eat properly) that his NG tube can come out. GOSH have also said that he can now go to three weekly blood tests and that in theory his hickman line can come out. Thats a huge step forward and a big infection risk gone so Im chasing Sheffield now as they should be able to do the procedure to remove the hickman line.

Other news is that we have had our baby! Adam Stanley Wootton was born on 2nd September 2009, at 18.23 by C-section weighing 9 pounds 14 ozs! So Im now in isolation too (well i can't drive for 6 weeks) Im beginning to know how Oliver feels. He is absolutely adorable but its hard juggling a newborn and a toddler especially a toddler who is like a caged lion at the moment.

Must go as Adam is calling for food he is such a milk monster - thanks for your continued interest and support. I hope you join us is hoping and praying that Olivers tummy problems pass on their own and he continues to keep that precious engraftement.
love to you all