Wednesday 25 November 2009

D +194

Oliver has his immunoglobulin via canula 2 weeks ago and he surprised us all by being really co-operative. When they showed him it was a little straw that stayed in his hand and not a horrid needle he accepted it and the infusion ran without incident apart from the usual boredem.

Had some excellent news yesterday tea time. Olivers lymphocyte sub set results came back and his CD4 count is 309! This is fab news as it seems to be the Magic number GOSH use to determine if he is safe to mix with other children and go to nursery. He will now be going to nursery in January - and I will be taking him to all the soft play areas he used to enjoy - the difference being I can now take him without having that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach the whole time we are there thinking he was going to have a bleed or a bad bump and end up in hospital or worse. It will be so liberating for him and us for sure! A wonderful early Christmas present.

This also means that his immune system is rebuilding well. He is not fully there yet and he will remain on immunoglobulin until Spring to protect him from the winter bugs. After that he should start his vaccination program again as his previous ones will have been wiped out by the transplant.

We are all having our swine flu vaccine and seasonal flu vaccine tomorrow night which we need to have to protect Oliver. Adam has escaped though as he is too young bless him.

Will continue to update when I can. Again I must stress that this would have been so much harder without the support of family (especially mum, dad and Linda- olivers auntie) and friends. We love and thank you all.


Mart, Fleur and Lottie said...

Congratulations to all of you. Great to hear Oliver's off to soft-play soon! These are some of the many things we've completely taken for granted to help our sanity when Lottie's climbing the walls. Happy early xmas!!!

Sumathi said...

Congratulations on the great news. Good to hear that he can be romp around freely and be at school next year.

Wishing you much joy with your precious boys.